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WWF Switzerland is the national organization of the global environmental protection organization WWF. Our goal: to stop the world-wide destruction of nature and build a future where humans and nature live in harmony.

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Coop is Switzerland’s second largest retail group. Organised in five sales regions in close proximity to its customers, Coop runs more than 1,500 sales outlets and has over 45,000 employees. It is clear market leader in the sector of ecological and fairtrade products. Among its recent innovations is a first series of Coop Naturaline T-Shirts produced on a climate-neutral basis. After many years of running energy-saving programs, Coop became the first major distributor to set up federally recognised CO2 target agreements for the entire group in 2004. These targets are now being tightened up even further to reach the planned CO2-neutral state as far as possible and practical in its individual outlets.  

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Migros takes global warming very seriously. It has been committed to greater energy efficiency in production, storage, transport and sales for the past 30 years. Thanks to its cooperation with the Energy Agency for the Economy (EnAW), Migros has set binding targets for increasing energy efficiency and reducing its CO2 emissions since 2002. This commitment has been underscored by its membership of the WWF Climate Group and the formulation of specific targets. Migros offers energy-saving appliances and launched an award for the most climate-friendly products with its CO2 label in March 2008. It therefore includes its customers in its climate-protection endeavours, and – thanks to CO2-monitor – now also calls upon its employees to join in.

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Swisscom has been operating a systematic environmental program to ISO 14001 since 1996. It focuses on reducing CO2 emissions and power consumption. Its CO2 emissions have been reduced by 40% since 1995. Despite setting-up a mobile and broadband network, Swisscom succeeded in keeping its power consumption practically constant. Today, its environmental management program also works increasingly to reduce the environmental impact of telecoms terminals and the company is the largest user of wind and solar power in Switzerland. 

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